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Thank you for your purchase of our “Best Home Employment Manual Ever Assembled”. This manual is a list of company’s that will hire you now. These are updated Companies. They are all live websites, phone numbers & addresses. It has taken us tens of thousands of hours to compile. We have sifted through thousands of companies, removed the ones that are not offering legitimate work from home jobs and left only the best companies we feel will hire you. Most of the companies in this book will usually not charge you any registration fee’s to get started. Write, Call or visit the websites. Your free bonuses are at the end of this book. Bonus #1 “Get Paid to watch TV” and Bonus #2 “How to start your own home based business”. Enjoy!

You also receive a FREE Lifetime membership to the Business Opportunities Handbook. Go to for the latest updated online version of the Handbook. It lists over 1,400 opportunities. If you would like a hard copy of this handbook mailed to you. Send $15 to us and we will send you a hard copy. It is a heavy book with 140 pages. Same one is online for FREE for you at the website address


Work at Home United is a team dedicated to helping people live the quality of life they deserve. We work from the comfort of our homes and enjoy the important moments in our lives. This experienced team is here to partner with you every step of the way in reaching your goals, so that you can build an income to last a lifetime. 321-454-4402


Would you like to make money in your spare time? Make $800 after securing ONLY 100 envelopes!! Send SASE to:

MAETA - 10131 Coors RD NW I-2 PMB 864 - Albuquerque NM 87114

Work At Home & Get Paid Up To $1,872.00 Each & Every Week

Email this company at: [email protected]

Envelope Stuffing: Write to: SLYONS - PO Box 15302 - Rio Rancho, NM 87174-0302


51 Woodside Ave. - East Aurora, NY 14052


companies around the world. Write to:

SMN Home mailing Services - 2470 West Frances - Mount Morris, MI 48458

In just 2 hours or less a day, you can generate 100's or even 1,000's of dollars stuffing envelopes for various


400 North Ashley Drive

Tampa, Florida 33602

United States of America

1 800-867-9537



Make lives better...You can help

one interaction at a time.


Homeworker Jobs at Apple

Genuine, homemade support.

When people contact us for help,

an At Home Advisor is often the one

who responds. From your own home, you’ll

be their human connection to Apple: friendly,

thoughtful, and real. You’ll answer questions

about our products and services, enriching customers’

lives by helping them access the wonder they’ve come to

expect from Apple. And every time you save someone’s day,

you’ll be amazed by what it does for yours.


The online magazine for

work-at-home moms





To learn more about Blue Zebra Appointment Setting and

our B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting services,

please call 800.755.0094.

New York Metropolitan Area

Corporate Office

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting

25 Pequot Avenue, Suite A

Port Washington, NY 11050

Toll Free: 800.755.0094

Fax: 516.345.0298

E-mail: [email protected]

Our office hours are 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM ET

Monday – Friday

San Francisco Bay Area

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting CONTINUED…..

2119 Valerga Drive, Suite 8

Belmont, CA 94002

Toll Free: 800.755.0094

E-mail: [email protected]

Our office hours are 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM PT

Monday - Friday

Dallas Metropolitan Area

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting

906 SE 11th Street

Dallas, TX 75051

Toll Free: 800.755.0094

E-mail: [email protected]

Our office hours are 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM CT

Monday - Friday


At Capital One, we dare to dream,

disrupt and deliver a better way


Welcome to the unique website

that links you to the world of work-at-home customer

service jobs. Here's where you can start a whole new way

of working.



Welcome to Hot Jobs at!

[email protected]




Acticall Sitel Group 600 Brickell Avenue,

Suite 3200 Miami, FL 33131 USA Phone:

1 615.301.7100 Toll-Free (in U.S.): +1 866.95.Sitel

2190 W Wayzata Blvd

Minneapolis, MN 55356

[email protected]






We're always looking for extraordinary talent like yours!

XACT is always looking for specialized talent to join our

unique network of agents, team leaders and managers.

Browse through our list of available positions for more information!




One Post Street,

San Francisco, CA, 94901

(415) 983-8300


Mystery Shoppers Wanted

Video Mystery Shoppers and Survey People Wanted


888.899.4227 Ext. 1

[email protected]

Building 300, Suite 110

Jacksonville, FL 32256



DSG Associates



10200 Forest Green Blvd.

Suite 112

Louisville, Kentucky 40223

(502) 749-6100


Leapforce, Inc.

5050 Hopyard Rd. #425

Pleasanton, California 94588

Telephone: +1 925-730-0073

Fax: +1 925-730-0074


Lionbridge Corp

Online jobs – find the ideal fit for you


Typing & Transcriptions at home

Cambridge Transcriptions™

675 Massachusetts Avenue, 9th Floor

Cambridge, MA 02139


(617) 547-5690

(800) 850-5258

Fax (617) 547-0020

[email protected]

Birch Creek Communications

Post Office Box 2866

Missoula, MT 59806

Ph: (406) 825-7777

Fax: (406) 825-7778

Email: [email protected]

Fast Chart

4220 Apex Highway

Suite 335

Durham, NC 27713

Toll Free: 1-800-334-6606

Phone: 919-477-5152

Nuance Transcription Servises


203 Columbus Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94133



Translation Services From Home

Responsive Translation Services

655 Jersey Avenue

Jersey City, NJ 07302


Academic Word

840 West End Avenue, Suite 4B

New York, NY 10025


1 Lower Ragsdale Drive, Building 2

Monterey CA, 93940 USA

Call Us: (800) 752-6096

Email: [email protected]








[email protected] is the work-at-home division

of DDC Public Affairs.

Located in Washington, D.C




33 Bronze Pointe

Swansea, IL 62226

Call Us: 877-642-7331

Skyword Inc.


(855) 759-9673

[email protected]


539 Bryant Street, Suite 401

San Francisco, CA 94107





465 Congress Street, Suite 700

Portland, ME 04101

(207) 523-5128

[email protected]






1820 Preston Park Blvd.

Suite 2000

Plano, Texas 75093

[email protected]

Tel: 972-964-4800

Bonus #1 - Get Paid to watch T.V.

Many companies are in search for you and they will pay you to watch TV. Early on, there was only one station. NBC (The National Broadcasting Company) was the first to broadcast programs a few hours a week on the television set. It’s hard to imagine TV today on such a limited basis, but every industry has to start somewhere. Within a couple of years, there were a number of stations joined NBC and programming was expanded.

Television flourished in the fifties and new programming was the rage of the industry. Each year many of us looked forward to the introduction of new shows to watch along with our favorites held over from the previous programming year. Family gatherings around the TV set were common as more and more households obtained its own set.

Today, 100's of millions have a television sets, not to mention a (VCR) (DVD)

(TV Recorder Box), all to keep up with the latest offerings from a seemingly infinite number of channels. Satellite dishes have expanded viewing capability well past our normal limits. What does this mean to you? Simply put, here are your dollar-making opportunities. The television industry is already large, yet it is experiencing its most dramatic growth ever, thanks to the expanding cable television market. With growth comes needs— needs you could fulfill. If you watch TV a lot, and enjoy it, this chance is for you.

These opportunities are unlimited and it doesn’t matter where you reside or how far you progressed in school. No matter where you live, there is a cable television company with the ability to hook a television up to its service. Cable is ready, willing and expanding — and its profits show it. The government has recently focused on this industry simply because of the outrageous amounts of money it seems to be making. With cable advertising income closing in on the $4 billion dollar mark, this is an industry that hides no longer.

In fact, it has been shown that cable TV watchers tend to buy more goods and services than non-cable TV subscribers. Thus, companies are clamoring to get their advertising pitch out to these viewers, hoping for the best. It’s not just the Home Shopping Network that’s doing well, but advertisers on all shows who are benefiting from this marketing boom. People who can afford cable television monthly rates are the ones who tend to consume more products anyway— and businesses know this. For the most part you get paid to make sure these companies ads are running. They pay billions of dollars to run advertisements and they want to make sure the network is running them…This is where you come in. Get paid to monitor those companies’ ads to make sure they are running. This is only one way to make money watching TV. There are others. Now, are you ready! You’re in the right frame of mind for this task, so let’s set up your TV Home Based business. What have you got to lose? Grab some fresh batteries for the remote and start making that money. The companies below will set you up to start working from home watching T.V. Unfortunately you can only access this information online. If you don’t have a computer, then you can go to the local library and visit the web sites below.

Bonus #2 - Start Your Own Home Based Business

Let me explain how you can start you own home based business right away. There are 3 ways you can make money with this proven marketing system. Listen up because this simple, proven, time tested information is worth 10s of thousands of dollars to you and if you let this information slip by as some nonsense, you will be making a big mistake. I want you to get excited about the information below and put it to work for yourself as soon as possible. This information will change your financial situation within weeks!

Here’s how it works……

1) Place a 15-20 word “classified ad” in your local daily or weekly newspapers (or any other paper in the world). There are over 5,000 newspapers currently in the world. The ad should say something like this….

MAKE MONEY WORKING FROM HOME. For FREE information send SASE to: (your address).

…. SASE is an abbreviation for…Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. People responding know what SASE stands for. They will mail you a pre-stamped envelope with their name and mailing address on it.

You can also put a phone number in the ad and have people call and leave their mailing address. This is a much easier way to really explode your responses. Now for one little classified ad that costs $5-$10, you will get about 20-50 responses using the ad I mentioned above.

We will pay you $1 for each response. If you sell some of your own information to people who respond, you will average over $6 per response for the sales of your own information. 1 out of 4 will buy a $39 information package from you. We can even sell you our “Secret home employment guide” for $5 each and you can sell them for $39-$69 each. An order form is enclosed for single or multiple copies.

Do the math yourself based on us paying you $1 for each response…. Now for 10 papers your cost is $50-$100. Now you will get between 200-500 responses. That is $200-$500 we pay you for those responses. Your profit is between $150- $400 per day when you deduct the money for the ad. What about 100 papers? That’s a whopping $1500-$4000 profit a day! You can run that same classified advertisement in the same newspapers over and over again, week after week and still pull the same responses for years. Listen, this is all a numbers game and multiplying what has already proven to work. This is direct marketing…. Take one ad that works and blow it out in as many newspapers as possible. The ad above is a proven winner. You will see similar ads running now in your weekly newspapers. That’s good for you…. Competition is good for everyone in direct response advertising. You should however consider selling your own information.

Listen, this really works. Just pick up your local weekly newspapers and see what ads are running over and over again. They are running that ad for a reason…those ads are making that person a lot of money. Why would they run the ad again and again, over and over if they were losing money? I’m telling you this really works…You need to get in on this right now.

Even if you get all the responses and want to sell some kind of information on your own (this is the second way you can make even more money)…. You can even sell this information we just told you about. People love to buy information and this information we just explained to you is worth more than 4 years of business/marketing school.

This is something you can do part time to start off with. But I warn you…. This business will grow fast on you. You will want to quit your job when you start making $500+ a day. You can do this work in the comfort of your own home and have no boss to answer to, no special hours, work when you want, sleep when you want, go on vacation when you want, etc…The possibilities are endless. It’s all up to you. You need to make the decision to get started now. Otherwise you can simply do nothing and go on from

paycheck to paycheck to the bitter end. Don’t put it off.

If you don’t try this proven system right now, then when and where will you begin? Soon you can be getting up to 5000 calls per day with about 100 little, tiny classified ads in the newspaper. Think of all the cash you can make. This is serious stuff and is valuable information only known to very few elite marketers in the world. I place ads every day and that is the only thing I do…. I pay others to take care of the phone calls and process my orders. You could be doing the same thing as me. I have no college education and no special skills. I had an idea and followed through. I know how to make a phone call and that is all the skill involved…period! Most people are scared of the unknown and never get past the ideas they have. Let’s face it. If you try this and lose a measly $5-$20, you can say “OK its not working”. But at least you tried. You would be crazy though if you don’t at least try this placing ads information. I know this will work for you…It works for me day-in and day-out. But if you don’t try it, what are your options? Go to work for 40 hours or more for a lousy $500 - $700 a week? Listen, this is all up to you and whether you want a much richer and better life.

There is a 3rd way to really get your mailbox or email box filled with responses and right away. This is pertaining to the Internet and the sending of email. I bought this email-sending software program about 6 months ago that sends over 150,000 emails per hour. The software package came with over 5 million email addresses. I sent to all 5 million email addresses within 2 days and got a crazy 41,345 responses in 1 week! Yes that is forty one thousand responses. The program cost me only $599. I say only $599 because I made a bundle of money from the email responses. Now besides the $599 I paid for the software and email addresses I had no other cost and I can send to those email addresses over and over again. It was free to send the 5 million emails because unlike placing an ad or mailing a marketing letter where I have to pay .46 cents or $5 for the newspaper ad, there was no charge to send email. It was FREE! FREE ADVERTISING! I tell you this because if you have access to the Internet you can visit this web site and we made a special arrangement to get you the software for under $200. This software is worth millions of dollars…trust me I use it every day. The company is selling the software to other companies for over $4000 and people are buying it. You get it at a special price of only $199. They setup a specific web site for our company so I can pass the savings on to you without the large companies knowing about this.

You now get over 15.7 million-email addresses instead of the 5 million. Plus $2000 in other free software and FREE future email addresses for life! Never pay anything else. You have got to see this offer for yourself. I think this is the best avenue for you to start at if you can. It doesn’t get any better than free advertising and immediate responses within minutes of sending your first batch of email messages. If you have the Internet, Go to this web site…you won’t believe it unless you see it. You Can also search the internet for “Bulk Email Software” and “Email Extractor Programs“…Email Extractor Programs will collect thousands of email addresses based on your keyword entries.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you succeed!

When you start receiving responses and want to get paid for them. Please mail the complete envelope you received from the respondent to us (Send us the SASE they send you). We will pay you additional $2 per envelope or response.

You also receive a…

FREE Lifetime membership to the Business Opportunities Handbook online. Go to for the latest updated online version of the magazine. FREE of charge.

In addition, we will be sending you more free manuals, booklets and other updated work at home jobs on a weekly or monthly basis when they are available.

If you ever need assistance or have questions, Please contact us at our main office address below. For refunds within 30 days, please return all material to us at the address below and we will send you a refund within 7 business day.

Rivas Publishing - PO Box 504 - North Haven, CT 06473